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Wedding reception table

Deciding Which Wedding Help is Right for You...

There can be countless tasks to cover while planning a wedding.  From selecting the venue, music and meal to securing the date, RSVPs and accommodations, then ensuring it all comes together flawlessly.  It’s no wonder why some of us brides are compared to a certain creature that overtook Tokyo (stress can be hard on a girl!). ... [Read More...]

Demetris Faison

Creative Touch Events: From Wedding Dream to Reality...

Demetris Faison draws on his background in theater and visual arts when designing events. While no longer simply setting up and event planning for local churches, he hasn’t lost touch with his early roots. Instead, these skills are exactly what allow him to bring a glamorous panache to any event. Creative Touch Events, Faison’s company, is ... [Read More...]

Wedding Planner helping a bride

How to Decide Which Wedding Planner is Right for You...

Questions to ask your Wedding Planner It’s safe to say that finding the perfect wedding planner is stressful. Making sure this person completely understands your vision for the special day, while also contributing their professional opinion is a hard thing to balance. Here is a guide for asking all the right questions.     What ... [Read More...]

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