He finally asked you to marry him and you said yes! You’re now engaged and the plans for the wedding are already well underway. These are important life steps and we understand how special they all are to you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of basic accessories that you will need for your big day to help with all the planning. You can add or remove items as you feel necessary or whether it’s in line with your ceremony or not.



  • For Your Head

First, you need a veil, which is a traditional wedding charm. You can also have a tiara because, on your wedding day, you’re truly a princess. But you can utilize a garland if this fits better with your wedding theme or fashion, and then hair pieces like bridal combs.


  • Jewelry

You’ll need a necklace and gems are a good idea here. Beautiful earrings that complement your looks are necessary too. And you should add bracelets and brooches to perfect your ageless elegance.


  • For Your Feet

Your shoes are important. They should be classy and comfortable. You should also practice walking around in them before your wedding day. We don’t want you to fall while walking down the aisle now, do we?


  • For Your Body

The dress is, of course, important and should be comfortable. Take all your fittings seriously. Gloves will help you achieve a classy, sophisticated look; bridal lingerie will make you feel and look beautiful both in and out. Use stockings or you can go for tights instead, but they must complement your dress. Bridal handkerchiefs are necessary too.


  • Others

Like a handbag to carry your make up tools, wipes, breath mints, pins, hair clips, and other things you fancy you might need on that day, sometimes, a shawl is necessary too. If you’re holding your wedding during a windy season or in an enclosed air-conditioned venue, wear a shawl. And have you thought about using a sash at your wedding? A sash is a great fashion choice and would add glamour to your beautiful ceremony. You can match your sash to the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses to create an impressive, beautiful, and uniform effect.

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