Why rent when you can own a custom wedding suit for the groom?

Why Rent, When You Can Own Quality, Affordable, Made to Measure Menswear?

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Suit Instead Of Renting

(We typically sell higher-quality suits for the same price as a rental)

You’ve already invested money in the countless dates and ring to get this point, why would you want to short yourself by renting?  After all, this isn’t prom we’re talking about.  It’s your wedding day!

If that isn’t enough to change your mind, here are some solid reasons why you shouldn’t rent:

  1. You Look Best In A Suit That Fits You
    The days of boxy oversized suits being “acceptable” are over.  Women notice these things now.  If she’s putting in effort to look beautiful for you on the big day, no reason you shouldn’t do the same.
  2. You Can Wear Your Suit Again
    If you look at how many times you’ll be able to wear your suit again in the future – meetings, formal events, etc., you’ll see purchasing a quality suit is really not a splurge.
  3. You Deserve To Look Your Best. It’s Your Day Too…
    Considering you’ll both be in pictures and the center of attention, you’ll need to look good too.  She’s going to be the most beautiful bride. You should show you care by treating her to style and confidence.
  4. Your Groomsmen Likely Want To Save Money or Save You Money If You Are Treating
    Women go bridal dress and bridesmaids dress shopping. Why not get all your men together and select a stylish properly fitted look you’ll all be able to wear again?  If you’re buying, who wouldn’t want a free high-quality suit?  They could never say you didn’t buy them anything.

How Many “Gentlemen” Go Into Rented Pants? You’re a grown man.  Statistically, we can tell you that you probably don’t share your pants with other men.  Much less men that you don’t know.  The only “Gentlemen” that belong in your pants, are your own.


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