How to Prepare for a Forever Bridal Wedding Show

The wedding show is just around the corner! Check out some of our tips and advice for enjoying the show. Some of our previous brides have even thrown a few in for you too.

1.  The most important tip - Have fun!

2.Buy your tickets in advance and save yourself valuable time and money!
Buying your tickets online, before the show, you can save 20% on each ticket! By purchasing your tickets in advance and completing checkout, means a shorter check-in time for you at the door. When you arrive, the Forever Bridal team will scan your ticket(s) and welcome you to the show with your swag bag.

Southern Wedding Show + Expo weddign dress

Southern Wedding Show + Expo gallery

3. Bring your support team

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting things you’ll do in your life. Bring the people whose opinions you value the most. They should also be the ones who truly know what is most important to you and your significant other. Make sure you bring your fiancé; guys tend to have the most fun at the shows and start to get involved in the wedding planning process.

Southern Wedding Show + Expo - Fashion Show

4. Stay As Long As You Like

Other than meeting new vendors and gaining knowledge, our shows are just fun! Make plenty of time to meet your prospective vendors, taste the food, wedding cake, beverages, and of course, watch the fashion shows. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, talking and collecting material. So we also suggest that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. On average, our couples will spend about 3 to 4 hours at the show. For the two day shows, most brides will come back the next day with other helpers so they can share their thoughts.

Southern Wedding Show + Expo gallery details

Southern Wedding Show + Expo flowers

Southern Wedding Show + Expo vendor

Southern Wedding Show + Expo wedding dress details

5. Come Hands-Free

At the show, you will receive a welcome bag to help you collect literature and detailed information about the vendors you meet. Coming to the show completely hands-free is strongly recommended. The last thing you want to do is juggle your personal belongings while filling out information or navigating through the aisles. Before the show, consider upgrading your welcome bag to one of our custom monogrammed VIP bags included in the VIP Package. Buy your VIP Packages before they are gone!

6. Engage With The Vendors & Ask Lots Of Questions

Be ready to learn, participate and plan your wedding! Don’t be shy and do ask lots of questions. Our vendors want to help you, so find out everything you need or want to know to make your wedding perfect. Make sure you collect any information that you gather from the vendors and keep it in your welcome bag. A great place to take notes is on the Vendor Interview sheet. Don't forget to file these notes inside your "Dream It • Plan It • Live It" Wedding Organizer.

VIP Package for the Southern Wedding Show + Expo

Southern Wedding Show + Expo photogrphy details

Southern Wedding Show + Expo wedding dress shop

7. Take Lots Of Pictures
Wedding Shows are the best place to capture images and get inspiration. We love Pinterest, and our show is just like Pinterest but live! So get inspired, aim and shoot! Don't forget to capture all of your memories with your wedding planning team at the show. Use #ForeverBridalNC to see what other brides are posting and sharing. Who knows, your picture might end up on our fashion show screen.

8. Stay for the Fashion Shows
See the latest wedding fashions for you and your entire bridal party. Start envisioning your whole look with hair, makeup, jewelry, attire, and flowers seen at the fashion show. Interact with the fashion trends you see at the show with the thumbs up – thumbs down the page inside your "Dream It • Plan It • Live It" Wedding Organizer.

We can't wait to see you at the show!

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