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Latest Wedding Tips And News

3 Tips for A Fun Wedding Reception

Have you ever been to a wedding reception that fell flat? We assure you, it is a painful thing to experience. It just goes downhill from there and people can’t wait to escape and go home. A wedding is usually full of family and colleagues both special to the bride and groom. The problem with […]

7 Wedding Vendors and When to Book Them

From wedding caterers to décor and planners, we’ve got all of them and more at bridal shows and our vendors tab for you to choose from. Here at Forever Bridal, we believe that you should meet both the professionals and service providers you need for your wedding easily and in one place. That’s why we […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Virtual Bridal Show

Here at Forever Bridal, our primary goal is to help you realize your dream wedding. It’s the reason why we started having these bridal shows: To bring all these experts to one place where you can easily access them. We’re holding a virtual show on August 8th and 9th this year. Have you registered for […]

What Bridal Accessories Will You Need For Your Wedding?

He finally asked you to marry him and you said yes! You’re now engaged and the plans for the wedding are already well underway. These are important life steps and we understand how special they all are to you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of basic accessories that you will need for your […]

11 Wedding Venue Contract Terms and Their Meanings

Your wedding venue is an extremely important part of your wedding, so when you finally decide on a venue to go with, it is important to know exactly what you are signing up for in the contract. Here at Forever Bridal, we believe giving you a summary of some of the terms you’ll see and […]

A Comprehensive List of Wedding Vendors

Your wedding vendor team can make or mar your wedding. They’re the ones who will help you bring your vision to reality. Here at Forever Bridal, we bring the best professionals together so you can pick the ones which you deem are the right for your wedding. If you’re new at this and don’t know […]

5 Ways to Avoid Mistakes While Planning Your Wedding

Here at Forever Bridal, we believe that your wedding could be one of your life’s best experiences. It’s the reason why we bring all these amazing vendors and make them easily accessible to you. It cuts your wedding planning stress by more than half, and you can take it from there. While planning your wedding, […]

8 Steps to Take After Your Engagement

Firstly, congratulations, you’re getting married! Now that you know that your partner wants to marry you and you also want to marry them, what next do you do? Well, first, it depends on how soon you want the wedding. If you have your wedding lined up right after your engagement, then here’s a list of […]

6 Things to Remember for A Successful Wedding

Here at Forever Bridal, we want your wedding to be a huge success. It is the reason why we hold some of the biggest bridal shows and make sure that we bring the best vendors to you. You can find all that you need to make your wedding a success, including invaluable advice from experts, […]

6 Tips on A Stress-Free Wedding Budget Planning

Congratulations, you’re engaged! While wedding planning can be stressful, overwhelming, and expensive, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. That’s why in this post, Forever Bridal will give you the best tactics for planning a stress-free wedding you can afford. Get Organized Firstly, you’ll want to get yourself organized. For most people, their wedding is […]

7 Unique Wedding Colors That Will Set Your Day Apart

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding is a way to set the tone, mood, and look of your event. From the outfits to interior décor to the flowers and boutonnieres, you can use unique color combinations to change the entire look and feel of your event. And the amazing thing is, there are no […]

25 Outdoor Wedding Venues in North Carolina

What’s trending for 2020 and 20201 weddings? Outdoor wedding venues! COVID-19 has rocked the world. Many states have “closed” to encourage social distancing. North Carolina is slowly staring to open up but there are still restrictions on mass gatherings. Outdoor events and gatherings are encouraged over those that are held indoors. If you are planning […]

10 Tips for An Unforgettable Wedding

When it comes to unforgettable weddings, the key is how well you plan it. Your wedding is a celebration of love between you and your partner so most people usually think that means a sob fest with drowsy music and lots of smooches. We don’t agree and would like to dispel that notion. We’ve held […]

6 Things You Need to Make a Wedding Bouquet

One of the most important arrangements at any wedding is the bridal bouquet. But we don’t recommend you let your florist handle making it, no. Your input is absolutely necessary; better yet, you can make it yourself. So, here’s a checklist of how to make a wedding bouquet before meeting with your florist.     […]

5 Paper Products to Order for Your Wedding

Congrats on your engagement! We’re excited for you, and we know you’re more than ready to begin planning. Go right ahead! Did you know that you’ll find all the vendors and experts you’ll need for your wedding when you visit any of our bridal shows in the Triangle Area? Even though we can’t hold the […]

5 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Narrowing down your guest list may not be as fun as cake tasting or picking out floral arrangements, but it is an integral part of planning for your big day. While no one enjoys creating a wedding guest list, it has to be done! 1. Decide on the wedding you want and your expenses First […]