Your wedding vendor team can make or mar your wedding. They’re the ones who will help you bring your vision to reality. Here at Forever Bridal, we bring the best professionals together so you can pick the ones which you deem are the right for your wedding.

If you’re new at this and don’t know which vendors you’ll need, we’ll help you with that. Here’s a general list of wedding vendors that you can streamline based on the kind of wedding that you intend to have. Your input is very necessary here because it’s your wedding. You can also add more vendors to this list if the sort of wedding ceremony you’re having requires that of you.

  • A Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is essential, especially in trying times like these. They’ll help you take the stress off wedding planning and make things easier for you. They’re very vital for the success of your wedding.


  • Your Wedding Venue

Where will you be holding your wedding ceremony and reception? Have you contacted them yet? Your wedding venue is also an essential part of your wedding planning.


  • Hair and Makeup Professionals

They’ll help you look and feel amazing on your big day, so they’re as important as the rest of your vendor team. With all the videos and photos that will shot on that day, it’s best you hire experts who have a wealth of experience and talent.


  • A Photographer and Videographer

Pictures are mediums to preserve your wedding forever so it’s imperative you hire a photographer whose style falls in line with what you want; the same applies to the videographer. You’ll need these professionals to document your wedding memories so you can relive the day in the future.


  • A Music Professional

Great wedding entertainment is always a good thing. You can choose to either go with a wedding DJ or a Band.


  • A Florist

A florist will handle anything that involves flowers for your wedding. Tending to your bouquet, your flower décor, and your centerpieces are their job.


  • A Caterer/Cake Baker

Your wedding menu is essential. It’s no secret that food is the one thing most people look forward to when attending a wedding.


  • An Officiant

An officiant officiates at your wedding if you’re not having a church ceremony, so be sure to contact one.


  • A Jeweler

You’ll need a jeweler for your some of your bridal fashion pieces and more.

  • A Rental Company

Depending on your venue, you might need to rent things like your chairs and dinnerware. A rental company will cater to that.


  • A Transportation Company

You may want to transport guests to your event or just your wedding party and yourselves, so secure the services f a good and trusted transportation company.

Have you been looking for where you can get the best vendors and professionals for your wedding? Forever Bridal has is here to answer that. We’ll tend to your inquiries and help forge a great team of vendors for your wedding ceremony. You can visit us at Midtown Place 3708 Benson Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609, or call us on 919-873-1700.