For more than 14 years, Andres and Terri Pastrana have been delighting guests with beautiful and delicious crêpes. People drive from all over the Triangle to enjoy these flat, fried cakes — sweet and savory alike — at the Pastrana’s popular restaurant, Coffee & Crepes.

The inspiration for their restaurant came as Andres drew on his past as a farmer in Bogota, Colombia. While there 15 years ago, he and his family supplied produce to a popular restaurant—Crepes Y Waffles— that was quickly expanding across South America. Upon moving to Cary, Andres and Terri decided to create their own version of the quick and casual South American restaurant.

Coffee & Crepes has been located in Cary for more than 14 years. As the Pastrana’s grew their business, people began asking about other locations. Their answer to the question resulted in CrepeTime catering, the catering arm of their successful restaurant.

Growing CrepeTime Catering

Rather than open a second or third location, the Pastrana’s decided to bring their food directly to their clients in a fun, unique way.

“We provide full meal crepe station service anywhere,” the couple says. “No kitchen is required. A chef comes to your venue or home with a menu and all the food and equipment to prepare custom meals for each guest while they watch. Entrees, sides and desserts for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. And we clean up.”

Now with the start of CrepeTime catering, the Pastrana’s are able to offer their customers a new level of service with even more options and opportunities. Now a variety of events were possible, from small, intimate gatherings, to large scale parties such as weddings.

Regardless of the size of the event, the Pastrana’s continue to deliver high quality service, attention to detail and a personalized experience to all of their clients.

“Terri is your point person from start to finish,” Andres says. “She will ensure that your vision is achieved and make suggestions too. If you would like a tasting, we can arrange it at our cafe. For large events, we go with you or your planner to prepare for the location of our set up. We are flexible to adjust to what is happening at the event, such as keeping lines moving to stay on your schedule or even doing jobs that may not be in the contract, if we have time.”

A Personalized Party

For couples who are getting married, CrepeTime catering offers their guests something unique either for the wedding itself, or for the events before or after the wedding.

“We perform in-home showers and brunch after the wedding – so easy for the hosts to enjoy their guests!” says the Pastrana’s. “We also do full meals or dessert & coffee stations at the reception for up to 400 people.”

Their wedding catering services give guests the option to personalize their meals to their preferences.

“Each crepe is made freshly, to-order for each guest,” they say. “So while we provide a suggested menu and all the ingredients, every guest tells the chef what they like. So even special diets are accommodated freshly on the spot.”

The best part of having CrepeTime cater events? Guests move through the line at the same rate as a buffet.

“Don’t worry that guests will be served quickly enough. We serve as quickly as a buffet line, and are fun to watch. Unique food is memorable. Don’t worry that crepes are too exotic for some guests. All the ingredients and simple, fresh and familiar.”

Crepes & Community

Whether it’s at their cafe or catering events, the Pastrana’s enjoy bringing people together over crepes.

“Crepes are known world-wide,” the Pastrana’s say. “They spur conversation among different cultures and generations. They are versatile. You can put anything in a crepe.”

The couple wants people to know that anyone can enjoy this fun experience and have a personalized crepe station at their event.

“You can afford to have a chef at your party!” says the Pastrana’s. “Our chef service makes your party super easy, because we do all the planning, prepping, cooking and cleanup!”

While their guests enjoy their services, Terri and Andres enjoy serving their guests.

“Our favorite part is making each guest feel special as they are served by a chef.”