From wedding caterers to décor and planners, we’ve got all of them and more at bridal shows and our vendors tab for you to choose from. Here at Forever Bridal, we believe that you should meet both the professionals and service providers you need for your wedding easily and in one place.

That’s why we bring top experts and experienced vendors together at our bridal shows all the time. But at what point should you book the vendors needed for your wedding? This post will help with that. We have put together here, a general list of the vendors that you will need and when it’s best to book them.



  • Wedding and Reception Venue

When it comes to your wedding and reception venue, the best time is 18 months before your wedding. This is so that the wedding planner and other vendors that you hire can have an idea of the space that they will be working with and plan accordingly.


  • The Wedding Band Or DJ

Book them at least 12 months before. You do not want all the good bands snapped up by other couples or events. Some bands can always find a way to fit you in whatever time you call on them but we’d advise at least 11 months prior.


  • The Wedding Planner

Immediately after your engagement! Don’t waste time on this one at all. Your wedding planner should be the very first person that you hire. Before you hire them, you should try to have handy a few pieces of information like what kind of ceremony you want to have, the style, etc.


  • The Caterer

You should book a caterer about 10 to 12 months before your wedding. Just make sure to have your reception site picked out already so that they can tell you what they can do with the space.


  • The Photographer and Videographer

They are quite important for your wedding day and you should book them 10 to 11 months in advance. This is because the good ones are always booked well in advance and you don’t want to have to settle.


  • The Officiant

If your venue is not already providing an officiant, you’re going to have to hire one. 8 months in advance is a great time for that. If you’re not sure who to get, your wedding planner should be able to help.


  • The Florist

Florists can usually handle more than one wedding in a week, but booking yours at least 8 months prior will ensure that you get who you want.

Here at Forever Bridal, we hold some of the biggest bridal shows in Raleigh where you’ll be sure to find all the vendors and professionals that you need for your wedding. We have a virtual one coming up this August that you should attend. Have any further questions? Contact us today!