Choosing a color scheme for your wedding is a way to set the tone, mood, and look of your event. From the outfits to interior décor to the flowers and boutonnieres, you can use unique color combinations to change the entire look and feel of your event. And the amazing thing is, there are no rules to this; you can play with colors until perfection-or some semblance of it-is achieved! Here are some unique combinations that will give new life to your wedding and set it apart from others.




  • Tangerine + Orange + Yellow

This will be great for a summer wedding. You can make it subtle by adding a white backdrop so that your guests aren’t overwhelmed by the colors.

  • Black + Green + Champagne

These colors are good for spring weddings. They will make your event look serene and royal. Use a lot of champagne and green and make black the accent color.

  • Pink and Purple

Perfect if you’re looking for a bright, feminine look. This will give your wedding a ‘fairy tale’ vibe. You can balance the color by combining them with neutrals.

  • Brown + Yellow + Gray

A natural, earthy look that will work well for fall weddings. A combination of brown, yellow, and gray will set a natural look. Plus, your guests will certainly be impressed.

  • Blue + Yellow + Orange

Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor wedding, regardless of the season, this color hue is perfect to set a vibrant tone for your wedding.

  • Slate Gray and Jet Black

Black is a lovely color that can make your wedding truly unique if utilized the right way. The color you decide you pair it with determines whether it will work or not. Slate works best here.

  • Navy + Eggplant + Gold

A good theme for a fall wedding. You can play with this look for the bridesmaids’ attire, table setting, flowers, vases, and even the cake.

Playing with colors is an amazing way to set the mood of your wedding. Another way to set the mood is music and great bridal shows! While colors give a vibrant feel, shows feed life and fun to a celebration!

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