When it comes to unforgettable weddings, the key is how well you plan it. Your wedding is a celebration of love between you and your partner so most people usually think that means a sob fest with drowsy music and lots of smooches. We don’t agree and would like to dispel that notion. We’ve held lots of unforgettable weddings here at Forever Bridal and know for a fact that your wedding can be a fun and unforgettable party if you get the following things right.



  • Your Invitations

Start from the very beginning. Make sure your invitations are beautiful and have a fun eye-catching theme.

  • Your Venue

Choose an incredible venue. All your beautiful decorations can look like an eyesore if the venue for your wedding is not just right. It must have the right feel, too.

  • Walking Down the Aisle

Amazing music, great lighting, and a banging dress are some of the ways to make your walk down the aisle spectacular and unforgettable. Go all out for it.

  • Your Lighting

We’ve already mentioned this one before. Lighting is important. Romantic and unique lighting is sure to make both your wedding atmosphere and pictures unforgettable.

  • Your Décor

When it comes to your wedding décor go for the unexpected.

  • Your Seating

Your wedding seating should be creative and inclusive. Long tables, for example, are important.

  • Your Flowers

From your bouquet to the flowers at your ceremony, they should be gorgeous and that means that you might have to splurge a bit.

  • Your Entertainment

For your unforgettable wedding, hire professional entertainment. This means that whether you’re going with a DJ or a band, they have to be experienced and good.

  • Your Food

Your wedding food should be delicious with lots of tasty options. It is one thing that your guests will remember after the wedding.

  • Have an After-Party

Whether you’ll be extending your reception or moving to a different location, an after-party is one way to make your wedding unforgettable.

Here at Forever Bridals, we hold big bridal shows where you can meet all the professionals that you need to make your wedding unforgettable in North Carolina. However, due to this pandemic, we’ve had to cancel some of our shows. Not to worry though, we have something virtual in the works for our August show. We are located at Midtown Place 3708 Benson Drive, Raleigh, NC 27609. You can give us a call on 919-873-1700.