How to Prepare for a Forever Bridal Wedding Shows Bridal Show: During the Show

It’s finally the day of the show and we want it to be as helpful and successful for you as possible. Check out some of our tips and advice for enjoying the show. Some of our previous brides have even thrown a few in for you too. The most important tip first and foremost though? Have fun!

Bring Your Significant Other, Family and Support Team

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting things you’ll do in your life. Bring the people whose opinions you value the most. Your wedding planning team should provide support, input and suggestions. They should also be the ones who truly know what is most important to you and your significant other. Make sure you bring your fiancé; guys tend to have the most fun at the shows and really start to get involved in the wedding planning process. Our shows are designed for your entire wedding planning team so that everyone feels included in your special day.

 Here is Stilllife Photography discussing their options and photography style with some brides happily enjoying popcorn.

Here is StillLife Photography discussing their options and photography style with some brides happily enjoying popcorn.

Stay As Long As You Like

Other than meeting new vendors and gaining knowledge, our shows are just fun! Make plenty of time to meet your prospective vendors, taste the food, wedding cake, beverages, and of course, watch the fashion shows. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, talking and collecting material, so we also suggest that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  On average, our couples will spend about 3 hours at the show.  For the two day shows, most brides will come back the next day with other helpers so they can share their thoughts with, there is a lot to see so its great to be able to do that with all the ones that you care about. 

Come Hands Free

At the show you will receive a welcome bag to help you collect literature and detailed information on the vendors that you meet. Coming to the show completely hands free is strongly recommended. The last thing you want to do is juggle your coat, a bag, and your purse, while filling out information and navigating through the aisles.

Engage With The Vendors & Ask Lots Of Questions

This is your chance! Don’t be shy! After all, that’s what they’re here for. Our vendors want to help you, so find out everything you need or want to know to make your wedding perfect. Make sure you collect any information that you gather from the vendors and keep it in your welcome bag.

Lextownsend at Aug 2015Take Lots Of Pictures

This is the best place to capture images and get inspiration. We love Pinterest and our show is just like Pinterest, but live! So get inspired, aim and shoot! Make sure to also capture all of the memories of you and your wedding planning team at the show…you’ll enjoy looking back on them later. Also, don’t forget to use that show’s hashtags and see what other brides are posting and sharing. Who knows, your picture might end up on our fashion show screen.

Stay For A Fashion ShowAug 2015 Fashion Show

The fashion shows are a must see. You’ll have a chance to get a sneak peak at some of the latest wedding fashions for you and your entire bridal party. Not only will you see the latest styles, you can also start envisioning your entire look with hair, makeup, jewelry, attire and flowers. You can also interact with the fashion trends you see at the show through the thumbs up – thumbs down page from your Dream It • Plan It • Live It™ Wedding Organizer. This lets us know which looks you’re liking. Also, don’t miss out on some of the amazing on-stage giveaways! These contests and giveaways are definitely a must see and a must do! Besides, who doesn’t love winning free stuff?


Parking for the shows is free. There is an ATM located inside the restaurant of the Jim Graham Building. While you’ll definitely get to sample a lot of amazing food and desserts, if you need to take a break and go over everything you’ve seen or gathered, feel free to do it at the Murphy House Restaurant located just inside the entrance doors. This is a cash-only restaurant so make sure you bring cash or visit their ATM.