Congratulations to our very own Laura DiGirolamo!

She is now the Director of Bridal Show Producers International!

While Laura has been a part of the association for 20 years now, it has only been in recent years that she started on the path that has led her to where she is today. Laura originally served a two year term on the board representing Image and Branding, making her eligible for the Co-Director. When she won the nomination for the position in 2014, she began the first part of her six-year leadership track.

Accepting the gavel for the directorship is the second part of her journey—another two-year term before becoming Past Managing Director in 2018. As the Director, Laura will oversee the board, make sure operations run smoothly, and negotiate and plan the upcoming annual conference held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is excited to get started!

“I just want to do what’s right by the association,” Laura says. “That’s what my position is and that’s how I see it. I don’t have an agenda, I don’t have any particular things I want to get accomplished other than bringing the association together and leading it the best way I can.”

Laura says this position blends her organizational, intellectual, and creative skill sets. She also added that she is looking forward to the continued opportunity to bounce ideas off other members who work in other markets. There are several new members she is looking forward to welcoming as well, just as she was welcomed when she first joined.

“I want to just bring the heart back, and our mission statement, and really focus on that, and get that camaraderie and that collaboration back together,” Laura says.

“I’m very energized and very excited about my position and what we can do together,” Laura says.

We wish you the very best in your new role, Laura!